To say the White House is broken under Donald Trump is an understatement - it is an out and out catastrophe that gets worse everyday. No one it seems in the Trump Administration is functioning as Trump’s tweets and remarks undermine the very fundamental underpinnings of American democracy. Add to the fact there is no longer any question Donald Trump is a traitor - a Trojan Horse for Russian military interests. Everyday that the GOP congress and senate fails to act in removing an obviously mentally ill Donald Trump from the Oval Office is another nail in America’s coffin. Donald OWES Russia a lot of money for propping up his failing businesses and Donald with his actions is just making the interest payments he owe the Putin Oligarchs - ergo his actions are not in the interests of the free world, but of his own bank account.

I have to imagine that former White House Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus is relieved to be no longer working for Donald Trump - same for former Press Secretary Sean Spicer - they no longer are forced to lie for Donald Trump - however, its very obvious even to a casual viewer that both men are trying to avoid any Trump repercussions if they say what they really feel about the man-baby they once served. On a very thin limb is Attorney General Jeff Session whom up until recently was a strong Trump advocate and what Trump had hope would be a ’yes’ man for the major prick! Didn’t happen that way - Session has the position he wanted all along and isn’t going to relinquish his office. Donald Trump will have to fire Sessions and if that happens many GOP Republicans in the Senate and Congress will fight against Trump tooth and nail.

Meanwhile Trump has replaced Priebus with John F. Kelly who until his appointment was US Homeland Security and a retired former US Marine Corp general. Question is how long the former general will last under Trump and how much he can stomach working with an unbalanced Trump. Finally there’s the new White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci who is known in the West Wing of the White House as being a real prick! ‘Mooch’ as he is known has proven to be a juvenile delinquent with his perverse language and an organized crime persona to match. Mooch has got the job yet he continues to stick voodoo pins into the former Chief Of Staff. Meanwhile it looks like White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon may be Scaramucci next victim. Granted, Bannon won’t be missed, however what comes after Bannon may be even worse than Steve.

The White House is in serious crisis as is the country as well. There is this crazy onslaught to remove the ACA health program not because its failing, but more an ’ego’ trip for Trump, McConnell and Ryan - they don’t even know what they want, other then their racist mindset to remove the ACA leaving millions of American’s without healthcare. Meanwhile when it comes to American security, Trump has been busy alienating the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and other governments with his boorish remarks and general ineptitude as to geopolitics - highly dangerous with North Korea’s nut job testing ICBM’s for a possible nuclear attack on the United States - they are getting dangerously close…and the US is stuck with a lunatic in the Oval Office - days like this I’d rather stay under the covers!


The GOP has finally released the transcript the Republicans wrote under secrecy of only a few GOP senators and none from the Democratic side - their plan only benefits the top 2% of the economic income ladder and decimates healthcare for the middle class and the poor - it forces women into a deep second class mindset, pushes the elderly in need of extended care right into the streets and the disabled as well. The top 2% get an economic windfall of cash at the expense of everyone else. If you see any GOP elected official out and about...BOOT THEM HARD AGAIN AND AGAIN AND SCRAPE THEIR FACE INTO THE CEMENT DRAWING BLOOD BECAUSE THEY SCREWED YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE but those in the 2% income bracket. The GOP is exempt from the heartbreak they will cause others - and are getting huge kickbacks from their efforts! Read The Bill!!!!!!




The comic panel was simply supposed to be a humorous editorial cartoon to post on news media blogs - and it had an element of a monster taking apart Trump’s Florida ‘White House’ as it sank into a sink hole. So I decided to add it to ’MeTV’ Svengoolie Facebook fan page. What was the spark to the creative idea was a news story about a small sink hole opening up in front of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Club. According to the story it was a small leaking pipe that caused the problem - nothing really serious…but I felt it had its humorous aspects to it. Not a big deal. I did post it on Huffington Post page and people by their ‘likes’ was a hit as well other news media pages. Actually a lot of people had a good laugh on Svengoolie’s page.

However, some people didn’t like it feeling it was too political…simply only a handful who either had no ’likes’ or only two or three ’likes’ in their favor as opposed to my last count the number stands at thirty-eight who liked the comic panel - that number will continue to rise when this piece is published here. I read the few negative reviews and it kind of got me curious who these people were, so I went up to ’their’ Facebook’ pages to see what entries they put in their spaces…pretty dismal - stuff from ’supposed’ grown ups that look like they had a ninth ’C’ grade intellect - yep, that bad! Really, the stuff was pretty juvenile! I feel sorry for their kids!-) What I discovered is I walked into a nest of ’Trumpies’ and actually began to feel sorry for them…serious!

One note, Donald's presidency is already in the process of sinking into a sink hole of corruption investigations - so serious that the con man has hired a private law firm to defend him in a potential impeachment proceeding as well a risk of facing trail for treason with the Russians in the future should investigators find out he directly participated with the Russians in stealing the election...right now Trump is very worried as he twists in the wind. Look for Trump to fire both press secretary Sean Spicer and White House Chief Of Staff, Reince Priebus in the very near future.

Crass commercialism in the Oval Office - and a con in the process. Movie stars and TV stars since the very beginning used individuals to autograph their pictures for their fans...really, nothing new. Now, most likely its done by computer - in this case, the person ordering the 'autographed' photo has his or her name scanned. Then their name is added in the blanks as the signature is machine-written. For a person to buy its going to cost $60, the actual cost to the Trump people is (with postage included, less than $3.00 - that's it. Period! Like the 'membership cards', the 'autograph' photo has no monetary (nor will in the future as an investment) value whatsoever - just idiots willing to pour out big bucks...nice con if one can get away with it! Something is horribly wrong here, sitting presidents simply shouldn't stoop to this level - it cheapens the office.

   ...and idiots can buy it for $60 a pop as this is being written!

Trumpies are those who shelled out a lot of dough for red caps (Make America Great Again) that were pumped out of China at a quarter, as in twenty-five cents a pop, charging fifty cents each to the Trump campaign and the Trump campaign initially hawked to people stupid enough to pay thirty-five dollars a hat - shows the intellect (kind of sad) of the individuals who bought the shit. Then again, these are the same morons who bought the worthless (as in no real value) Trump membership cards for $35 a pop. Initially before the drop in price, there were some people stupid enough to pay $100 a card…can you imagine how stupid (or should have) those people felt after the price dropped significantly?

Here’s what the small print on the back of the cards say…

Yep, jack shit…nothing period! Try go into a Trump business to try to redeem them, the managers and clerks will laugh their asses off at how stupid you are as you get booted out of the door!-) TALK ABOUT STUPID!!! The people who voted for Trump are patently idiots that barely made it out of high school or in some cases not even that! Now Trump (even though he won the election via the electoral college) as president is still shilling goods to stupid people, even having his vice-president Mike Pence doing the dirty work for Trump! The spot has since been scrubbed by Trump’s inner circle as too crass!

…remember those chances to win a ‘free dinner’ with the Trump children if the pigeons put out a sizable cash outlay of $ didn’t happen, those foolish enough to take the bait - no one won! Its all just a way to con a dollar off of morons! Trumpies make great stooges…they’re THAT dumb!-) As to the Trumpies? Donald and the GOP are taking away their Medicare, Medicaid and other essentials for huge tax breaks for the top 2% - you see, Trumpies are so mesmerized by Donald - they’ll even sliced their own throats for the con man! THAT is the Art Of The Deal!


Worth A Read...And If It happens I'm planning to buy a bottle of Tequila & A Mexican Dinner...


"The FBI is always concerned if public officials can be blackmailed,” McCallion said. “It’s Russian-laundered money from people who operate under the good graces of President Putin. If these people pull the plug on the Trump Organization, it would go down pretty quickly." (Source: USA TODAY)

(Now You Know Why Donald Trump Loves Vladimir Putin)

Having been in the broadcast business decades I have seen many programs broadcast that ranged from excellent to putrid. Both radio and television shows individually have their pro’s and con’s and the need to rate them as such. 21st Century Fox has many different venues - they make movies, network tv shows both for their own and other networks - it’s a business first and foremost and like any such venture chases the dollar - ‘green’ has no morality. Ergo the networks usually seek the lowest common denominator with the biggest share of audience - no matter how ignorant the viewer.

As a journalist I despise Fox News Channel - ‘Fair & Balanced’, they are not. All FNC is to 21st Century Fox is a cash cow for corporate - nothing more. If the conservative ratings ended tomorrow and the advertisers vacated its programming, Chairman Rupert Murdock wouldn’t give second thought to shuttering the place. That can explain the loss of its kingpins - Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. Up until last winter Roger headed Fox News Channel and Bill as commentator had the highest rated cable news show. Up to a point the two could walk on water as far as Fox/21st Century were concerned - they were literally printing money, they were so successful pulling in advertising dollars. Look for advertisers to potentially to flee Hannity as well due to his own sex scandal. 

What was not know until recently was the staff people at FNC despised the both - and for good reason - both were detestable scum. They were bigoted, sexist misogynistic predators. Even Rupert’s two sons (James & Lachlan) were disgusted by the two oafs. To be honest, both the slime as mentioned pulled in the bucks - and as long as they had, they had job protection - ’had’ is now the key word. They are both no longer with Fox…no matter how much money both made the network - the legal costs and settlements went into the millions to the point that the Murdock’s could no longer turn a blind eye - and with Bill, the sponsors vacated the program not wanting the stench of Bill O’Reilly cursing their products. The lawsuits piled on both were cutting too much into the bottom line…ergo both were told their personal life as slime was no longer wanted.

Will Fox News Channel remain a conservative entity? No! As soon as the old man Rupert has kicked the proverbial bucket, Both James and Lachlan will pull the curtain on its current state - including kicking Sean Hannity to the curb as well. Then the sons will re-program the news channel to reflect more realistic mainstream operation.

As to Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly - GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

Donald Trump has a boss - his name is Vladimir Putin - their runners are the Electoral College and Trump’s supporters are the red-capped idiots who believe every questionable dribble Trump spews out of his mouth or his nonsensical tweets. Trump gets his orders from Putin and then Trump issues those orders to his troops, including threatening his subordinates if they don’t do his bidding. He tried that technique with the Keystone Cops of Washington - or in this case with Republican congressmen and congresswomen who (thankfully) didn’t see eye to eye with each other recently concerning health care..

Flash a dollar bill in front of Donald Trump and you can practically see white foam salivate from Donald Trump’s lips. Thankfully Trump’s ‘hit and misses’ are more ’misses’ than successes - which explains why American banks no longer give him lines of credit! Ergo as Trump’s businesses have a high rate of failures and Trump’s desire to live in golden towers and Florida private retreats - he has a need to get money to keep his lavish lifestyle going - even at the expense of other people’s money!

…enter Vladimir Putin’s oligarchy - his moneymen who are more than willing to pour their golden coins onto (well, one way Trump gets his golden showers) his lap and onto his credit line…for a high political interest cost! In this case allowing Russian operatives to peek and record classified American military documents. We’ve never seen the treachery of a sitting president reach this level of evil and treason as is occurring right now as I write this. Me? It’s just guessing by reading the credible stories being written by journalists at the New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS and NBC news - legitimate purveyors of current information.

So lets see, who has Trump intimidated recently? Germany’s current Chancellor, Angela Merkel. As everyone knows by now Trump is trying to eliminate NATO ( ) and if not eliminating it, then financially break the participating countries. After a ‘closed door’ meeting before a joint news conference, Angela Merkel was in a state of shock one could see it from her face. Merkel had an anguished face for a very good reason, Trump was demanding ‘protection money’ of better than $300 Billion Dollars ( ) according to Raw Story and over $60 Billion from other legitimate news sources.

What we know is Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Germany’s Merkel are not friends - the chancellor is obviously mistrusting of Russian motives for good reason. Meanwhile Donald Trump who owes vast amounts of money to Putin’s oligarchy wants to please his most important benefactor and gladly do his bidding. Ergo, Trump is acting as Putin’s financial ’hitman’ in squeezing international political victims. Trump is not the only Russian operative to have free reign to US intelligence but that of the free world as well.

We are now at a point of political crisis as Donald Trump continues and giddily commits treason by selling out the United States and the rest of the free world to Vladimir Putin. The GOP hierarchy is highly negligence - both in congress and the senate as well the GOP itself for allowing Trump to sit in the oval office in order to screw middle and lower income brackets to enrich themselves with the help of a mentally incompetent leader at the expense of the country itself as well the free world!

Vladimir Putin from news accounts is trying to cover both his and Donald Trump's tracks by murdering Russian operatives involved in Russia Gate. Trump is desperate to draw attention away from Russia Gate as well from Ivanka, her brothers and husband who most likely have intricate knowledge of the con. 

However, even the Democratic Party has to take some part of the blame itself for the Donald Trump travesty. The DNC had a much more overall popularity with a Bernie Sanders / Elizabeth Warren ticket, but decided it needed to run with the less popular team of Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine ticket…I’m sure they are regretting that along with the rest of America and the free world.

Couple of things are about to go down that won’t look so rosy for the GOP in the days ahead. The GOP in both the House and Senate are now in the process of getting ready to impeach Donald Trump as well removal of his cabinet. Its in the works folks. Second, the GOP majority may very reluctantly try Donald Trump and his cabinet for treason and possible imprisonment of both current and former members of his inner-circle - remember the Russian operatives have enough motivation between a rock and a hard place as a lot of Putin operatives are being eliminated on Russian streets and other parts of the world for their involvement in the Trump election scandal - need to get rid of the evidence and the people involved! I’m sure Flynn and others would rather be in a safe prison cell rather than risk their lives out in the open. Russian hitmen are much better shots than what Donald Trump can assemble. So ergo, expect a lot of the Trump / Putin inner circle to turn state’s evidence!

For GOP 2018 and 2020 its going to be a political bloodbath as angry voters 'VOTE THEM OUT' and the Electoral College starts getting religion as they themselves will be called to the stand for their involvement…simply follow the money…

As for the DNC in the 2020 election, may I make the following suggestion - run Elizabeth Warren as President, Chuck Schumer as Vice President and Bernie Sanders as Speaker of the House. Somehow that team would be a definite landslide.

To US Intelligence, start preparing to change all the nuclear codes the moment Donald Trump is in trial for impeachment and possible charges of treason. Don’t leave anything to chance - you guys and gals know that better than I obviously could possibly appreciate!

…and for the rest of us rank-and-file citizens…make better and more educated choices for whom we vote as our leaders…

IMPORTANT READ: Click On Links Below...


If people are stripped of affordable health insurance, the nation will become sick - lower class and middle class if the decision is between a roof over ones head and food in the refrigerator or healthcare - and in many cases many eventually lose both anyway…many people end up dead because they can’t afford the premiums and ergo can’t get the help.

ACA - Affordable Care Act - was a step in the right direction. It made insurance more affordable and manageable - including those who were locked out because of pre-existing conditions like birth defects. The GOP is pro-life to the point of stripping away a woman’s right in making decisions as to her health - but isn’t there when something goes wrong.

Another issue is the ‘ACA’ is often referred to as ’Obamacare’ by the GOP as if it was a dirty word. And that’s the problem - the powers that be in the GOP are racists either consciously (sometimes even vocally) or are subconsciously in their thinking processes and actions - even as they protest they are not.

For a long time since ACA was brought to life during the early days of the Obama Administration the GOP hierarchy worked to dismantle it - not because the ACA was a bad program - but because it was not created during a GOP presidency by a GOP congress and senate - ergo it was despised!

It seems that the major parties have forgotten the people who voted for them and are only interested in destroying each other (hopefully for a profit) even though it hurts the very people whom they are supposed to serve. And right now its downright ugly and no one seems to be at the wheel - instead acting like drunken sailors in a mass stupor - and under Donald Trump its developed into a true art.

There are no ‘checks and balances’ in Washington - nada! And we’re headed for a fiscal disaster perhaps more arduous than the Great Recession of the 1980’s. The wall on the border will stop nothing - and the cost of its construction will bankrupt the nation - both in its initial cost and its maintenance - meanwhile the country’s infrastructure and healthcare will suffer!

We need to impeach Donald Trump now!


Okay, does anyone know what a ‘serf’ is?

Don’t worry, it’s a rhetorical question…

According to Merriam-Webster it’s a "a member of a servile feudal class bound to the land and subject to the will of its owner”

“a servant or laborer of olden times who was treated as part of the land worked on and went along with the land if it was sold”

According to "In Europe between the 9th and 15th centuries, large plots of land were ruled by lords who made serfs work the land for the lords’ profit. The Latin root of the word is ""servus, which literally means “slave,” but ""serf and ""slave are not synonyms. There were many kinds of serfs, some of which were indeed slaves, but others were more like employees who had some limited freedom. Either way, a serf’s life was a brutal and unpleasant life.”

Those of us who had World History were exposed to this way of life through books. However its still practiced in some less developed countries of the Earth. Of ‘course one country that’s a little more developed also practices it…more or less - Russia.

In Russia free press really doesn’t exist - Russia’s government runs it as an overlord like in feudal times. Its controlled - any thoughts that veer away from the ’official’ doctrine is not looked kindly upon - sometimes leading to a strong reprimand, prison…and in some extreme cases - death.

Sean Spicer’s first press conference as Donald J. Trump’s Press Secretary issued a ’reprimand’ to the ’legitimate’ press. Granted, what one might decide is a ’legitimate’ press is an individual thing. In my case it’s the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, ABC News, UPI and AP to name a few… …to others it might be the National Enquirer?-) …or maybe FOX News Channel?-)

With the inauguration of Donald J. Trump ( ) as president - we are at the beginning stages of George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm combined.

So how does one shepherd one into serfdom?

If you ask what ’serfdom’ is, well, this is Wikipedia’s thought: “is the status of many peasants under feudalism, specifically relating to manorialism. It was a condition of bondage, which developed primarily during the High Middle Ages in Europe and lasted in some countries until the mid-19th century.”

…as to Russia its: “New laws allowed all classes (except the serfs) to own land, a privilege that was previously confined to the nobility. Serfdom was finally abolished by a decree issued by Tsar Alexander II in 1861.”

…beginning to sound a little familiar?

Now lets talk about George Orwell’s ’NewsSpeak” : “In Orwell's fictional totalitarian state, Newspeak was a language favored by the minions of Big Brother and, in Orwell's words, "designed to diminish the range of thought." ... The word has caught on in general use to refer to confusing or deceptive bureaucratic jargon”

…sound familiar?

Donald Trump has declared his Inauguration as a national holiday - meaning it is to be celebrated on that date every year…oh well, maybe it might make an extra day off on a workweek?-) …unpaid of ’course! it’s the creation of a delusional mind that wishes to control all others around him.

Another is limiting educational opportunities - a more uneducated public is easier to control…ergo, under Trump’s new secretary of education (Betsy DeVos) funding for public schooling will be diminished and private education will be more enhanced…but one will have to pay for it…if one can’t? Oh well, there’s always the servitude in cleaning toilets someplace?

The idea is to ’dumb’ the public down enough and eliminate a minimum wage that will force more people to live in bland rented housing. Its turning back the clock on the environment and dismantling attempts of cleaner safer energy for that which is more toxic on more than one level.

Its starting a new world war in the age of nuclear bombs…bringing on a manmade Armageddon where many lives are lost or are greatly crippled. …all to satisfy the whims and inconsistencies of an unstable madman.

We are forced to please a lunatic bully with a second grade intellect playing ’king of the mound’ pushing all others into the dirt below.

But will Donald Trump be the ultimate king in the alternate universe?

Simple Answer, NO!

Donald J. Trump is a man-child…make him feel important and he is easily used by far more darker forces. In this case he owes a lot of money - ‘leveraged out’ to among other entities like the Russian ’Oligarchy’ propping up his lifestyle - and if that is not enough to keep Donald J. Trump inline - try blackmail…his alleged ’golden shower’ parties in Russia or other matters that can be considered treason. Trump unknowingly continues to dig his own grave by his depravity and horrendous lack of geopolitical knowledge. His money has blinded him.

Donald Trump is not Hitler - but a modern day Mussolini.

Benito Mussolini was Italy’s dictator. According to Wikipedia: Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an Italian politician, journalist, and leader of the National Fascist Party, ruling the country as Prime Minister from 1922 to 1943. He had aligned himself with Adolph Hitler as part of the in-famed Axis along with Imperialist Japan to divide the world between what was then the superpowers at that time.

A little history here from Wikipedia: “The Axis grew out of the diplomatic efforts of Germany, Italy, and Japan to secure their own specific expansionist interests in the mid-1930s. The first step was the treaty signed by Germany and Italy in October 1936. Mussolini declared on 1 November that all other European countries would from then on rotate on the Rome–Berlin axis, thus creating the term "Axis".[1][2] The almost simultaneous second step was the signing in November 1936 of the Anti-Comintern Pact, an anti-communist treaty between Germany and JapanItaly joined the Pact in 1937. The "Rome–Berlin Axis" became a military alliance in 1939 under the so-called "Pact of Steel", with the Tripartite Pact of 1940 leading to the integration of the military aims of Germany and its two treaty-bound allies.”

If the Axis powers won, the division of the spoils might be short-lived. The world was dealing with individuals who were sociopath in their intentions. That is in their minds there could only be one world leader. If anyone would like a comic interpretation of this the Three Stooges comedy short “They Stooge To Conga’ (1943) ( ) should suffice. The first entity to be easily eliminated would be Benito Mussolini - the weaker partner in malice.

As to history Mussolini did meet a gruesome death. Here’s the account according to Wikipedia with a slight edit: “The Italian fascist dictator‘s death occurred on 28 April 1945, in the final days of World War II in Europe, when he was summarily executed by Italian Communists in the small village of Giulino di Mezzegra in northern Italy. The "official"[1] version of events is that Mussolini was shot by Walter Audisio, a communist partisan who used the nom de guerre of "Colonel Valerio". However, since the end of the war, the circumstances of Mussolini's death, and the identity of his killer, have been subjects of continuing confusion, dispute and controversy in Italy”

If indeed it came down to both Germany and Japan - it would be the subjugation of one or the other. However, that would obviously be open to intellectual argument.

Vladimir Putin ( ) is pulling the strings as it relates to Donald J. Trump and his narcissistic dream realized. In other words Trump is a Putin stooge… (  )

One can understand if I use the Three Stooges in the analogy ( ) ( I'll Never Heil Again ) In a sense the Trump is a dark comedy/drama playing out…a very dangerous one.

Vladimir will continue to string Trump along - by now Russian operatives may have already infiltrated the Oval Office in The White House.

Right now America is more divided than it has been in decades - and Donald Trump is a primary force in driving the wedge. He has and continues to rally against Hispanics not naturally born on United States soil - and if one thinks about it - those who were born in the US. Would he go as far as breaking families up - it looks that way. Its to the point that his threat to build a wall between the United States and Mexico - the expense would be enormous - and in reality would do nothing to stop Mexicans from coming over the border. Common sense will tell one that. Trump’s claim that Mexico would pay for that wall is pure fallacy.

As to the Muslim population, he has demonized them. They have been blamed for 9/11 - Trump saying he personally saw thousands of Muslims cheer at the terrorist destruction of New York City’s World Trade Center. There is a lot of doubt about those claims. What it has done was caused increased consternation in a situation that is already stressed.

Even Native American Indians (the first ones here) are being evilly being pushed around and Trump in essence breaking a longstanding treaty as well endangering native tribes way of life and necessities…like clean fresh water.

African American’s? Trump at a rally asked them: “What Have You Got To Lose?” Answer? A Lot! Trump played them for votes…now in office, they will be relatively ignored by the Trump administration with only a few disjointed appointments with individuals with neither the education nor experience to perform the duties they have been assigned such as surgeon Ben Carson who does not have a degree in the arena of housing or urban affairs as the new head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

But its not just African Americans being mis-assigned - its most of Trump’s appointments. The danger is the damage these people will do, the inability to deal with crisis at all levels and directions. Mistakes will be made - serious mistakes. Donald Trump is disjointing the country - more so everyday.

It doesn’t end…

Donald Trump is making inroads into damaging relations and equality between the genders. He is second classing women by trying to control their rights to their body’s - figuratively speaking and allegedly physically into attempting to make women at any age level second class.

Will Donald J. Trump’s activities flip the Doomsday clock to midnight? Trump will not be the only cause, however his penchant for nuclear proliferation as well his climate change denials are a strong contributing factor. Trump’s presidency on 1.26.2017 has been a primary consideration for the Atomic Scientists to delete thirty seconds from the previous three minutes and his continued activities may very well push us to MIDNIGHT - Armageddon if Trump is not immediately removed from the office of President Of The United States!

Donald Trump’s selection of Rex Tillerson (formerly CEO Exxon 2006-2016) as his new Secretary of State is a brilliant and able businessman with business ties with Russia. Good news and a positive direction in one sense. However, there could be a dark cloud if Rex Tillerson negotiates a deal between Exxon and Russian-owned oil concern Rosneft to drill in the Artic. While the operation sounds good on paper, in an environmental sense it would be a disaster in the making to the environment. Its not a matter of ’if’ (remember the BP Gulf Oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010), it’s a matter of ‘when!’

Recently acting as president, Donald J. Trump issued an executive order renewing the continuing construction of the XL pipeline initiated by TransCanada, running from Hardisty , Alberta Canada to Port Arthur in Texas off the Gulf of Mexico. Funny thing, if the TransCanada people had run the pipeline to its own west coast it would have been a lot cheaper to build and a shorter distance between the source and a port for worldwide distribution. So what are ’oil sands’ and why should we fear them? Maybe this article from Wikipedia might shed some light: . The controversy and eminent danger of oil sands are spelled out by MapleLeafWeb:

At this point a YouTube video as to the subject of ’oil sands’ would be helpful: . An important video by Tibor Roussou brings home facts to the problems of oil sands in a very fact-driven and effective way: . I mentioned the problems of ’when’ oil lines leak…they have as in this video by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) network concerning the Nexen pipeline leak in Alberta in 2015: . As I said, its not a matter of ’if’, it is a matter of ’when!’

The XL pipeline will run through Oklahoma which is competitive with California for the most active earthquakes in the country thanks to the manmade activities of fracking. ( ) No amount of safety measures is a sure fire way to prevent disasters…only to slow them down - assuming they are not ’financially’ shortcutted’ to begin with - if so, then its already too late…

Steve Bannon has Donald J. Trump’s ear…and that is not a good thing. Steve is now Chief Strategist and Councilor to Trump in his position of president. Some may ask who Stephan Bannon is? ( ) Steve Bannon is at war with the news media in its attempt to control information coming from the Trump White House. ( ) One might compare Steve Bannon with another propagandist… Joseph Gobbles ( ), Minister Of Propaganda for Adolph Hitler. Gobbles pressured Hitler into a total war stance, much of what Steve Bannon is now cajoling Donald Trump to do…and Trump is listening!

However Steve Bannon is not the only player of misinformation - its Queen is Kellyanne Conway - a real opportunist in the ‘GOP Theater Of Arts In Obfuscation’, Kellyanne Conway. Her utterance of ’Alternative Truth’ gives new meaning to the words ’convenient lying’ so well practiced by the blond master of public relations manipulation with the machine gun accuracy of her double-speak. So, who’s Kellyanne Conway? ( ) As one can read from the Wikipedia account Conway was highly critical of Donald Trump the candidate until…well until her previous boss Ted Cruz bowed out…as one can see Kellyanne is strictly in it for the money - jingle the change in one’s pocket, and Kelly will lick boots of those she professed against even in the immediate past…

Russian operatives in the White House? Paul Manafort ( ) was Donald Trump’s campaign manager until things got a little too politically hot for Trump’s campaign efforts and had to be replaced by aforementioned Kellyanne Conway took the reigns. Paul as in the Wikipedia article has very close ties with Russia and after an absence toward the end of the campaign is once again an advisor to Donald Trump. ( ) Of ‘course the Trump White House is denying any involvement with the lobbyist.

So who’s ultimately responsible for this mess? When former President Barrack Obama first won the election of President on November 4th, 2008 he became the first biracial (his father was black and his mother was white) US President -  the GOP wasp elite were horrified! Some of these conservatives quietly slipped away to a steakhouse to plan their nefarious plans in attempt to thwart the newly-elected President at every turn - first lead by Frank Lutz.

One of President Barrack Obama’s key platforms was the creation of what became the ‘Affordable Care Act (ACA)’ later named ‘ObamaCare’ by its conservative opponents. Because of the GOP’s general racist attitude towards a black (actually as mentioned Obama is a biracial man - white mother, black father) President they therefore constantly attacked the ACA not because it was a bad concept, but purely for racist reasons. The GOP is no longer working for the American people - it is purely working for its own benefit and the top 2% of the economic ladder.

The men behind the Trump monster are Reince Priebus ( ), US Senator Mitch McConnell ( ) who has the lowest approval rating in the senate. Leading up the rear is the extremely reluctant Paul Ryan, ( ) Speaker of the House. Mitch McConnell is an obstructionist as witness of his leading GOP officials from blocking then-President’s choice of a Supreme Court Judge. Priebus did not ‘vet’ Trump before allowing Donald on the GOP ticket…even though there were questions about Trump’s honesty about his ‘scribbled’ short page as to his physical fitness…even the doctor who wrote Donald Trump’s ’Clean Bill Of Physical Health ( ) admitted he never even saw nor talked with Donald Trump - his report was written in the time span of approximately five minutes in the back of a Trump limousine…that alone should have raised a lot of ( ) red flags! According to ‘The Daily Beast’, Dr. Bornstein’s practice has a few hiccup’s ( ) going against it.

Perhaps the most worrisome thing about the presidency of Donald Trump is his mental health - or according to the Huffington Post ( ) and others, ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ), ( ) lack of it.

Welcome To 1984 in 2017...Trump Style!


Where an early 1900’s school sat later became an empty lot. Myself and others thought about how the lot could be better utilized rather than an eventual lot for junk like old abandoned cars, old tv sets and a place where rats would scurry around empty garbage bags. If you’ve (and many of us have at different times) passed such lots, the only thing one sees is a decrepit place that takes away from the neighborhood that surrounds it. Usually the lot’s owner had pretty much let it rot in decay long abandoned paying any taxes on it.

A derelict lot has no ‘curb appeal’ and its effects can deteriorate the houses and streets around it. If the neighborhood is on life support already, more and more houses eventually become abandoned and drug gangs move in making an area even more dangerous. Only people who will live in the area are those who have no choice. The problem is unless a group of people meet to change an area, that empty lot stays an eyesore - a magnet for crime.

Oh that abandoned school lot I mentioned? Its no longer empty and it went through a positive metamorphous - its now an urban farm - even including chickens. The lot’s location was large enough that a non-profit organization bought the property to train the developmentally disabled for careers in agriculture - food raised is divided between wholesaling to raise funds for the support of the organization as well donating fresh vegetables to food banks. Houses around the now productive lot have been improving their exteriors as well the lots they are built on.

The plans I had developed for use for a garden park - part of my ideas were used in the development of the aforementioned urban farm. The picture in this piece shows the overview of the plan I drew. Here’s the thing - an organization like a nearby church needs to get involved for volunteers to gather and discuss ways to rebuild the property into a mini community park. Put together a workable acceptable plan, gather materials and build. Important, get area youth involved. The idea is that kids who help build it will have more respect for it, discouraging vandalism.

In my design I had a small gazebo, bathrooms, picnic tables, grills and benches along with fruit trees, a place for growing plants including a children’s garden. Walkways are stones for better drainage and rather than grass, ground coverings that don’t need maintenance. Other trees I’d suggest are Maples for shade trees as well collecting maple sap. The area is surrounded by iron fencing preventing children from running into the street.

An important consideration as well is making the ‘pocket park’ as vandal proof as possible - sturdy picnic tables that are well-cemented in the ground as well park benches and grills. Bathroom fixtures that are well protected from removal. An open gazebo that is sturdy. Painted surfaces treated to resist spray painting that can easily be cleaned off. Solar lighting high on slippery poles as well in the bathrooms and gazebo. Plus high-definition back-lighted 1080p color security cameras ‘linked into the internet so neighbors can keep an eye on the park and call law enforcement if trouble brews.

…the nicer the well-planned pocket parks, the nicer the neighborhood becomes…


This morning (1.4.2017) I switched on my laptop and pressed on the Facebook icon and got a nasty little surprise. “You are blocked from commenting on Facebook for a twenty-four hour period.” They also said I needed to remove any sexual content on my page. Then popped up a photo of the president-elect’s wife in the buff I reposted from another person’s Facebook page…the future first lady was au-natural with nothing hidden from a photo shoot she did as a model. Granted I’m also a cartoon panel artist and during the election cycle I put up some risqué comic panels used here on MALL 727.

However it was my anti-Trump comments that really got me in trouble. As the reader can guess, I’m not a fan. Having daughters of my own I was really turned off by the president-elect’s comments about women - you know “grab them by the pussy” as well the women who came forward allegedly said the businessman turned president-elect had molested them. Now with Trump entering the Oval office, one no longer hears about the subject.

But, I’m not the only one who has been censored or threatened for practicing freedom of speech - even mainstream media has come under attack - including the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC - it seems everyone but the Fox News Channel has been told the incoming administration plans to make it easier to sue them. We’ll all be watching the main news outlets to see how their ’tone’ changes - especially after election day. Lets face it, Democrats lost - and freedom of speech will be greatly restricted starting officially at the point of inauguration - its occurring as I write…